Women in Webdesign – where are you?

Maybe it started in 1999 with the http://www.womendesignersgroup.net/ that women arrived in webdesign. The next milestone – I don’t know but later in 2007 when this article about women in webdesign was written: http://www.zeldman.com/2007/04/19/women-in-web-design/ by a man :-(.

Ok let’s go on, here http://whdb.com/2008/100-awesome-webmaster-blogs-by-and-for-women/ a really large list is published – about active female webdesigners.

What happend elsewhere? In germany the http://www.webgrrls.de/ network started in 1997 – unfortunately it is not free to participate.

I think it’s time to talk a bit about our work. We do it and we can show it.

Write a comment if you are a webdesign-related woman! Say hi and leave a url – that’s enough, don’t loose time.