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  • women-who-code

    Nice to find another big network for coding women: I think we should be more present and show that we can rather handle cookies than bake them.

  • Responsive Webdesign

    Responsive webdesign is the most important trend in 2012 in webdesign technologies. But why. Let’s start just basic: Responsive means a flexible design self modifiing dependant on the final device. It is designed in HTML/CSS/Javascript and shows only useful layouts depending on the selected design. So finally the pages should look better in all kinds […]

  • Women working together with women?

    Often I wonder if women work better together with other women or with men? Here in webdesign my collegues are both but depending on the number of individuals I work often together with men. So it is kind of lack of expierience. My focus is more on the work not on “private” interests. Looking at […]

  • Slanted #12 – Women, Typography, Graphic Design

    Slanted Magazine #12 deals with: Women, Typography, Graphic Design –

  • Women in Webdesign – where are you?

    Where are the webdesign women? Statistics says they are not here, do you believe that? Write a comment if you are a webdesign-related woman! Say hi and leave a url – that’s enough, don’t loose time.

  • Are there any female Webdesigners out there?

    Welcome to webdesign women!