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  • Same in graphic design?

    Same in graphic design?

    As we know, there is a lack of women (or better visible women?) in webdesign, but what about graphics? Here I found an article about the reality in page-online: There is one sentence which is typical for all you women and men who try to focus women in care and traditional positions: … hard […]

  • Articles about Female Webdesign

    In 2008 Lee Munroe found at least 25 female webdesigners he found worth to be mentioned Already in 2010, smashing magazine published a small list of female webdesigners: Is it important if webdesign is female or male? Later, in 2012 another article in Templatemonster takes a look at the design: and the […]

  • Responsive Webdesign

    Responsive webdesign is the most important trend in 2012 in webdesign technologies. But why. Let’s start just basic: Responsive means a flexible design self modifiing dependant on the final device. It is designed in HTML/CSS/Javascript and shows only useful layouts depending on the selected design. So finally the pages should look better in all kinds […]

  • Choose the right colors in webdesign

    The way to choose the right color especially in webdesign depends on many things. Personal favourites and the focus on the appliance of the site are important. Color theory and the meanings and psycological aspects of colors are often discussed. Here is a nice article about all these aspects: But what about how to […]

  • List of 100 female webdesigners

    I just found a nice page with a list of female webdesingers: So I was curious and looked at some of the listed pages and further the suggested pages in the comments. My personal selection is here – and I hope there will be more suggestions, too. Maybe we will reach the 100s? Sure. […]

  • Newsletters Part 2 – coding – tests

    Coding of HTML newsletters

  • Newsletters Part 1 – design – contents – concepts

    Newsletter design – keep it short and simple

  • The best free templates

    Free Templates are a good source for inspiration or when time is rare. Find some interesting sources here.