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  • Learn coding for women:

    I just discovered another project for women to find a place in the digital world. Here the description for the meetup, which exsist in two German towns already: Munich and Hamburg … … Moinworld’s goal is to create a developer community where women and girls have the same opportunities as men to help shape […]


    I just discovered a female Project called Here more about the project and the mission: PHPWOMEN PHPWomen is a user group specifically targeted toward the women in the PHP world. We do not wish to exclude men – rather to encourage women. They are not mutually exclusive after all. Mission Our aim is to […]

  • Responsive Webdesign

    Responsive webdesign is the most important trend in 2012 in webdesign technologies. But why. Let’s start just basic: Responsive means a flexible design self modifiing dependant on the final device. It is designed in HTML/CSS/Javascript and shows only useful layouts depending on the selected design. So finally the pages should look better in all kinds […]

  • List of 100 female webdesigners

    I just found a nice page with a list of female webdesingers: So I was curious and looked at some of the listed pages and further the suggested pages in the comments. My personal selection is here – and I hope there will be more suggestions, too. Maybe we will reach the 100s? Sure. […]

  • Newsletters Part 2 – coding – tests

    Coding of HTML newsletters

  • HTML and CSS for Multi Column Layouts 1

    A simple solution with Faux Columns Professional web-designs often come along with a so-called multi column layout. Using the table-tags for displaying such a layout is outdated for years since for reasons of accessibility  it is recommended to use the table-tag(s) only for displaying table and not for structuring the design of a website. In […]

  • About Tooltips in Menues and for Links

    Tooltips for links in html documents can be modified, designed or deleted. Where do they come from? Who needs them?