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In 2008 Lee Munroe found at least 25 female webdesigners he found worth to be mentioned

Already in 2010, smashing magazine published a small list of female webdesigners:

Is it important if webdesign is female or male?
Later, in 2012 another article in Templatemonster takes a look at the design: and the different styles preferred by gender separation.

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List of 100 female webdesigners

I just found a nice page with a list of female webdesingers: So I was curious and looked at some of the listed pages and further the suggested pages in the comments.

My personal selection is here – and I hope there will be more suggestions, too. Maybe we will reach the 100s? Sure. Give them to me! Use this as your showcase. – London


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Women working together with women?

Often I wonder if women work better together with other women or with men? Here in webdesign my collegues are both but depending on the number of individuals I work often together with men. So it is kind of lack of expierience. My focus is more on the work not on “private” interests. Looking at female networks my imprssion was, that talking about private female interests such as family, clothing etc. is very important – but not for me. I work and think problem based (if that exsist in english?).
But further in cooperations I often think that women are not so sure and proud of their work. The often ask others (what men seldom do) and are quite difficult making decisions. On the other hand men can often not accept another point of view and try to make their own thing looking the best ever. For this reason I prefer askers who can make decisions, too!

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There is still a small difference between men and women …

In the past we had to be in the kitchen and look after the kids. Later we started working, but as we didn’t learn anything else than cleaning and cooking, the jobs where payed very low. The times has changed in many ways but there is still a difference about the money we earn. It depends not only in our education or expierience. What are the reasons in your opinion and how much do you earn? Post a comment and take part in our poll. Men are welcome. Links to other related articles are welcome, too.

Maybe we can collect some differences here:

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