Nice to find another big network for coding women:

I think we should be more present and show that we can rather handle cookies than bake them.

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Responsive Webdesign

Responsive webdesign is the most important trend in 2012 in webdesign technologies. But why. Let’s start just basic:

Responsive means a flexible design self modifiing dependant on the final device. It is designed in HTML/CSS/Javascript and shows only useful layouts depending on the selected design.

So finally the pages should look better in all kinds of design.

A book apart already made a book out of this technology:

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Women working together with women?

Often I wonder if women work better together with other women or with men? Here in webdesign my collegues are both but depending on the number of individuals I work often together with men. So it is kind of lack of expierience. My focus is more on the work not on “private” interests. Looking at female networks my imprssion was, that talking about private female interests such as family, clothing etc. is very important – but not for me. I work and think problem based (if that exsist in english?).
But further in cooperations I often think that women are not so sure and proud of their work. The often ask others (what men seldom do) and are quite difficult making decisions. On the other hand men can often not accept another point of view and try to make their own thing looking the best ever. For this reason I prefer askers who can make decisions, too!


Slanted #12 – Women, Typography, Graphic Design

Right now I found a nice magazine about women in typography and graphic design: Slanted issue 12. It follows my intention to show that we are someone and somewhere working! Often only male artists, designers e.g. are in focus but we are nearly the same number of individuals on this planet.

Let’s have a look at the mag’s original description:
“Beat That If You Can! – “Slanted #12 – Women, Typography, Graphic Design” is a stage for extraordinary and intelligent projects by women. This is not a very special thing. For our focus on visual culture it’s all the same whether a (typo-)graphic work has been realized by a female or a male being. But it’s undeniable and strange that still only very few women are visible in graphic design (more) and typography (less). We want to contribute to more visibility for at least some female type and graphic designers – design by women is at least just as well. Beat That If You Can!

With great pleasure we present the work of Ariane Spanier (Berlin), Julia Born (Amsterdam) and Verena Gerlach (Berlin), the photographic essays “Brides of Krishna” by Kalpesh Lathigra (dmbmedia / London) and “Female Marines” from the archives of the U.S. Marine Corps as well as contemporary typefaces, illustrations and graphic projects by female designers. Type essays by Laure Boer (Berlin) and Gerda Breuer/Julia Meer (Wuppertal) are dealing with the role of women in graphic design and typography and outline a corresponding history. Numerous interviews with Verena Gerlach (Berlin), Ariane Spanier (Berlin, Nadine Chahine (Bad Homburg), Veronika Burian (Prag), Laura Worthington (Washington), Kapitza (London), Geneviève Gauckler (Paris), Esen Karol (Istanbul), Akiko Kanna (Tokyo) and Susanne Baer (Tokyo) as well as the second part of the Tokyo report by Ian Lynam (Tokyo), a musical travelogue and a paper report round up stuff to read.

Slanted Magazine #12
Women, Typography, Graphic Design
148 pages”*

*order and see here:


Women in Webdesign – where are you?

Maybe it started in 1999 with the that women arrived in webdesign. The next milestone – I don’t know but later in 2007 when this article about women in webdesign was written: by a man :-(.

Ok let’s go on, here a really large list is published – about active female webdesigners.

What happend elsewhere? In germany the network started in 1997 – unfortunately it is not free to participate.

I think it’s time to talk a bit about our work. We do it and we can show it.

Write a comment if you are a webdesign-related woman! Say hi and leave a url – that’s enough, don’t loose time.


Are there any female Webdesigners out there?

Welcome to webdesign women!

If you are a woman related to webdesign your welcome to participate.

If not you’re welcome to view this women made webdesign blog for all in webdesign interested people.

My hope is to develop another important source for webdesign related topics. The main difference to other blogs should be not really visible or readable, maybe you cold read between the lines. So what is the main difference? It is made by women not by men. That’s all.

Our authors can introduce themselfes, their work, and of course leave a link on the blogroll. We are a network, so connections are welcome.

For all more or less active users I offer a link in the blogroll – this is a free backlink to your homepage. So: Let’s talk about webdesign and make ourselves more visible.

Come on. Join us! It’s free. REGISTER NOW.