Coding Female Projects

Learn coding for women:

I just discovered another project for women to find a place in the digital world.

Here the description for the meetup, which exsist in two German towns already: Munich and Hamburg …

… Moinworld’s goal is to create a developer community where women and girls have the same opportunities as men to help shape the digital future. We at moinworld hope that at some point 50% of software development and management positions in tech and IT will be filled by women. moinworld achieves this by strengthening women: Through IT education and the support of a helpful network. To motivate and strengthen women, we also want to draw more attention to female role models. To achieve all this, moinworld offers you various platforms and forums: Programming Classes, Meetups.

Coding Female Projects

I just discovered a female Project called

Here more about the project and the mission:


PHPWomen is a user group specifically targeted toward the women in the PHP world. We do not wish to exclude men – rather to encourage women. They are not mutually exclusive after all.


Our aim is to provide a network of support and mentorship to women, help women become more involved with PHP, increase our numbers at conferences as speakers and attendees, and provide a “female friendly” and professional atmosphere.


Starting out on October 8, 2006 as a call for the women of PHP to “stand up and be counted” by Ligaya Turmelle and Elizabeth Naramore, we have since formed an active community that will hopefully continue to grow and flourish for many years to come.

Why a Woman’s Site

The women in the PHP World tend to be few and scattered all over the world, rarely seeing other women at the various conferences, unconferences, user group meetings and social get togethers. By providing this site we hope that the women will not feel so alone and isolated. The men in the PHP World are a very welcoming and acceptable bunch, but sometimes it is nice to talk to another woman either for coding help or for support in the specific issues of being a woman in a male dominated field.